Meet The Crew

Dan The Man

Legal Adviser and Strategist

Straight shooter. Likes to think of himself as a poker player except he can’t keep a poker face.

Dhante Caseres

International Photographer

Our man in Moscow, Dhante's out there getting the best shots of the best street style strutters you've seen on the international stage.

Dimitra Koriozos


Music lover, perfectionist and street style aficionado. Regularly seen squashed in the media riser at fashion festivals around the country.

Eli Francis


There aint nothing Eli doesn't know about street wear, from the feet up! If you're wearing hot property in Adelaide, he'll find you.

Georgina Tippett


Fashion Designer by day, budding thespian by night. Besotted by the colour black which the rest of us can’t understand.

Jacqui Miholos

Writer & Blogger Liaison

Keen blogger and fashion watcher. Liaises with other bloggers in a way that makes you want to stand back and take notes! Did you say "Fashion Launch?" Outta her way!

Kirstey Whicker

Movie Reviewer

Loves going to the movies so much she’s turned it into an art form. Notorious choc-bomb-aholic and Jaffa-cruncher from way back! Known also for writing killer posts about fashion designers.

Mr Wilson

Resident Psychologist

Resident psychologist, psychotherapist and counsellor. Agony Uncle to all. Keeps us all sane.

Nikki Anne

Real Boss Mamma

Goody two shoes by day, notorious pantry raider by night. Photographer, editor, writer, website designer, basically running the show.

Remi Martin

IT Guru & Resident Cocktail Shaker

Smooth, cellar master, who smokes cigars in bathrobes. Best mixed with gadgets and garnished with a pineapple leaf.

Stacey Pallaras


All round control freak and recovering perfectionist. Stalks sick & injured animals when not attending fashion shows.