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1. What data is collect and how is it used
The following information might be collected :
• Activity on our pages: This is data about your browsing activity on Cocktail Revolution. For example, which pages you visited and when, and where you exited.
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• We do not share email or postal addresses with any party whatsoever.
We use this data to help our Advertisers identify and serve ads to you that are more relevant to you. We also use this data to operate, improve and enhance our services including enhancing the data points we or our Advertising Partners have about a particular user, browser, or device, or to target, optimize, cap, or synchronize advertising.
2. Data Sharing
We may disclose personally identifying information (PII) about you:
• With our service providers: We contract with companies who help with parts of our business operations. We require that our service providers only use your PII in connection with the services they perform for us.
• With service providers to our Advertisers: Our Advertisers may contract with companies who handle data (such as Advertisers’ customer lists) for them.