Winners Profile & Photoshoot

Winner: April 2015 – Benjamin Johnstone


He’s a twenty three year old medical student of British and Yugoslavian descent and he was walking down Little Bourke Street Melbourne on the way to get a hair cut when he was spotted by our street style photographer Mary Tham. Although Mary got the “before”, rather than the “after the haircut” shot, Benjamin still won your vote for favourite style and fashion look for April 2015. Says Benjamin: “I wish I was photographed after I was all styled up!”

Benjamin says he was a bit taken aback when Mary stopped him to be photographed, although he also admits to being flattered at the same time. “It felt a bit bizarre having a stranger want to photograph you.” He was even more bewildered when he found out he’d won the vote by Cocktail Revolution followers for favourite style and fashion for the month. Of his reaction to winning, Benjamin says it’s the first time he’s won anything and it felt great to have won something thanks to his personal style.

Benjamin admits he’s never really thought about his style as anything specific.

“I’ve always loved colour and prints. Defying Melbourne archetypes, I don’t own anything completely black.

Unless its 44 degrees outside, I’ll always choose to wear a shirt over a tee shirt. Collars and my neck are best friends. I enjoy mixing items of clothing from my wardrobe and carefully putting together an outfit in no more than 5 minutes.

I am massively inspired by bold, vibrant designer brands like Comes Des Garcons, Kenzo, Vivienne Westwood and Christopher Kane. I just can’t wait to be able to afford them “

While he’s delighted with his Happy Socks prize which were sent directly from Sweden, Benjamin’s put away his $100 prize money towards an overseas trip. “Travelling is the best thing a person can do, and shopping is always more fun in a new city.”



Benjamin_Johngtone_Cocktail_ Revolution_14

Benjamin_Johngtone_Cocktail_ Revolution_6Shirt & red pullover –  Tommy Hilfiger
Pants – Ralph Lauren
Blazer – Zara

Shoes – Windsor Smith
Socks – Uniqlo

Benjamin_Johngtone_Cocktail_ Revolution_8

Benjamin_Johngtone_Cocktail_ Revolution_7

Benjamin_Johngtone_Cocktail_ Revolution_9

Yellow Jacket – Cos
Striped top – Comme Des Garcons
Pants – Lee’s

Benjamin_Johngtone_Cocktail_ Revolution_16Denim shirt – Cos
Grey jumper – Tommy Hilfiger
Pants – Coast

Scarf – from High School :)

All Photos – Mary Tham


Our Winner: February 2015 – Anjana Balakumar


Anjana Balakumar from Western Australia won your vote for favourite style and fashion look for February 2015.  We asked Anjana to tell us a little bit more about how she’d won, what her reaction was on hearing the news and a little bit more about herself.  We also asked photographer Alan Wu to take a few more photos of  her in another of her favourite outfits. Meet Anjana….


“I was sitting in the labs at uni, in the clutches of what had been a three hour meeting about an assignment, eating my second bag of chips wearing something as dull as I by then felt after failing to make any sense of some diagrams I had drawn at 3am that morning, when I got a call from Cocktail Revolution, telling me that I had been voted Australia’s favourite style and fashion look for the month! I couldn’t believe it, I never expected to win! I was at the Fringe Festival with a friend when the photo was taken and I was wearing a dress from Villains, which I love for the way it moves almost ethereally in summer breezes.

My name is Anjana, I’m 26 and of Sri Lankan descent. I was born in Perth and have lived here my whole life except for the occasional bouts of spontaneous travel. I’m currently studying a Masters in Architecture, which seems to consume a lot of my time during the semester, and a lot of my subconscious thoughts every other time. I can’t claim to really know a lot about fashion, though I was always very interested in the way fabric moved or flowed as it was worn, the concepts and ideas behind a piece of clothing, how it made people feel and why people wore what they did, but I never considered myself as fashionable. One day, I read a book which had a quote from Coco Chanel which resonated with me, “fashion is not something that exists in dresses only, fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening.” What people wear, or more so, how they wear it, as a way to express their mood or how they want to feel, is what I find most interesting about fashion and style.

Winners Profile - anjana_5_streetstyle_fashion_australia_january_2015

I find different cultures, their clothing and costumes through eras, their beliefs, customs and mythology fascinating. I think what I wear has been coloured by everything I’ve experienced and seen to some extent, but I think overall for me, what I wear depends on how I feel on the day. To put it simply, I like to wear whatever makes me feel good. I’ve always thought fashion was about what was fashionable at the time and style was about being yourself. Some days I’ll feel like the Queen of Sheeba, and some days I’ll feel like no matter what I do, I look like a potato, but whether you’re wearing a ball gown or a potato sack, I believe you should wear it with confidence (Marilyn Monroe certainly did when she wore that burlap potato sack after being chastised by a newspaper columnist in the 1950s, and she rocked it). As Yves Saint Laurent said once, ” I have always believed that fashion was not only to make women more beautiful, but also to reassure them, give them confidence.” And I totally believe in that.

Thank you Cocktail revolution and your subscribers for choosing me as your favourite style and fashion look!

Meanwhile, I bought this dress a few years ago, for an architecture exhibition. I like it because it can either fall straight, or be gathered subtly at the back if you want something subtly form fitting. The material is very soft and it has a silk underlay so it feels luxurious against your skin. The dress itself reminds me of drinking tea on those quaint white Rose cast aluminium tables in vast grassed gardens in spring, so when I wear it, I can’t help but feel wonderful.”

– Anjana

Dress: Forever New
Clutch: Bardot
Bag within bag : Revlon
Lipstick :  Tom Ford
Shoes: Cotton on

Photographer: Alan Wu

Winners Profile - anjana_4_cocktail_revolution_street_style_fashion_australia

Winners Profile - anjana_7_street_style_fashion_Australia_March_2015

Winners Profile - anjana_2_glomesh_bag_glass_cover_style_australia

Winners Profile - Anjana_6_street_style_Australia

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