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Inseparable from our cameras and fixated on your style, we’ve morphed from a family team of two who had a  “great idea”, to a street smart operation of eight crazy people-watchers. And growing!

Our thing is street style. More specifically, YOUR street style. How do you present yourself to the world when you step out off your porch after closing your front door behind you? That’s the authentic style we’re looking for.  We’re all about embracing diversity through fashion.  We’re interested in your unique take on style, no matter what your background or what you do. If you’ve got the passion to style it, you’ve got what we want for the pages of Cocktail Revolution.

We’re mobile most of the year.  Some days we hardly know which city we’re waking up in. Our back office now runs from Adelaide, a beautiful central location from which we can easily get to Perth on a whim, or Melbourne or Sydney and Brisbane.

We take pride in photographing the diverse faces, style and  fashion choices of  real Aussies. We don’t believe there’s just one “X factor” look to which everyone should aspire. We’re interested in your authentic choices, not what someone’s paid you to wear. We love the spirit of the original NYC street style photographer, Bill Cunningham. We’re finishing what he started. In the world of fashion, it’s a kind of revolution. More of a Cocktail Revolution. 🍸

Come meet our crew and join the Cocktail Revolution!

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