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Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie: Here’s what our movie reviewer, Kirstey Whicker, thinks about this hilarious new flick…

Almost 25 years after the ever popular BBC TV series “Absolutely Fabulous” graced TV screens, the girls are back – on the big screens now, in another glam laugh-fest!

When we come across Edina Monsoon again,  (well – at least your mums are coming across her again!) she is still a PR professional wanting exactly the same as what she wanted all those years ago: “to not be fat and old and to keep partying!”

Absolutely Fabulous Movie Competition

She continues this dream alongside her best friend, the incredibly glamorous Bollinger-swilling, coke-snorting fashion editor Patsy Stone (Joanna Lumley).

They are joined by most of the old cast from the series, June Whitfield as Eddie’s mother, the hysterical Jane Horrocks as Eddie’s mad PA Bubble and Julia Sawahla as her frumpy daughter Saffron. But now Saffron has a daughter too, the beautiful Lola, played by Indeyna Donaldson-Holness.

Absolutely Fabulous 1

Always looking for a celebrity client, Eddie hears from Patsy that supermodel Kate Moss is looking for a new PR person. So they go to an uber-glam Fashion Launch party filled with glitterati (fabulous cameos from Stella McCartney, Emma Bunton, Lulu, Jerry Hall, Game of Thrones Gwendoline Christie and Barry Humphries as Dame Edna and more!) to find Kate and get her business.

But at this glamorous party, when Eddie accidentally knocks Kate Moss into the Thames, Moss is presumed to have drowned, so there is a national uproar. Eddie is then at her lowest, wailing that she is : “fat and old and nothing”.

So, to escape the media storm and never ending paparazzi, Eddie and Patsy flee to the ultra-glam French Riviera with Eddie’s granddaughter Lola. Here the hysteria continues.

Absolutely Fabulous 3

If you haven’t seen the series, you’re not likely to get much out of this movie. It’s better to know the story of how they behave (so badly) and do what they do, for this movie to mean anything. But if you do know it, you’ll be so glad to see that nothing has changed and they are as incredibly funny as ever!

Absolutely Fabulous 2

If anything though, similar to how Sex and the City did, nearly ten years later, Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie is a great reminder of how important our friends are and how much better our life is, if we have them in it. Eddie’s granddaughter asks her and Patsy why they have been friends for so many years. The answer she gets not only explains why we all stay with our special friends, but why Absolutely Fabulous will probably keep coming back to make us laugh: “because it’s bloody good fun!”


-Kirstey Whicker





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