Girls Trip – Movie Review


This fabulous movie has been referred to as the “black girls’ Bridesmaids”, but I tend to think that even though it has the humour of that hit “chick-flick”, the devotion of these friends (together with the male nudity!) make this more like a black girls’ Sex and the City!

Whatever you want to compare it to, Girl’s Trip is the ultimate “chick-flick” and the undeniable hit of the season!

Four old college friends have not seen each other in about five years, so they all decide to do what all of us girls would like to do at times and get together for a weekend of fun in New Orleans. They refer to themselves as the “Flossy Posse” and when one of them, the Oprah-like Ryan (Regina Hall) gets invited to be the keynote speaker at the New Orleans Essence Festival, she decides to invite her girls – her three closest college friends, to join her.

girls trip movie review

The “Flossy Posse” consists of four incredible women (played by four incredible stars!) As well as Regina Hall’s Ryan, there is Sasha, played by the fabulous Queen Latifah. She was formerly a serious journalist, but is now a gossip blogger, constantly looking for the next bit of star news. Then there is Jada Pinkett Smith as the seemingly peaceful little Lisa. Formerly a complete sex goddess, Lisa now has kids and is trying to overcome the devastation of her recent divorce. They are joined by Dina (who Sex and the City fans will compare to Samantha!) Played by the electric Tiffany Haddish, Dina has recently been fired, has no money, no obvious future, but has this unbelievable confidence -and positivity about everything!

girls trip movie review

This movie is so funny, that I often had times when I was laughing so much, I was gasping for breath! Sure, like most girls, there is the occasional cat fight, but the closeness of these friends overrides all that and makes it clear to see that they are said to be good friends in real life too.

So, if you want a night out with the girls, to laugh and remember how friendships matter, you just have to go and escape your worries with Girls Trip!

-Kirstey Whicker




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