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New Australian Leather Fashion Label – Free at Heart

Almost every fashionista we know thinks there’s nothing more luxe than a beautiful handcrafted and ethically sourced leather jacket.

From rock stars to royalty and everything in between, leather is the one textile that can be found in almost everyone’s wardrobe. There are stacks of reasons, not least because it’s as comfortable as a second skin. Or, because quality leather is at once stylish, edgy and timeless. Fashion lovers the world over know a leather garment can be worn almost forever. Leather pieces improve with age like a fine wine.  They speak to the character of their wearer. Leather is a statement textile.

Always on the look-out for new Australian labels, we’ve discovered affordably priced luxe leather label Free at Heart. Owner Gloria Heart has a thing for quality leather pieces and it’s something she wants to share with fashion lovers. Gloria’s doing this by making available beautiful on trend pieces that are modestly priced. Free at Heart’s skilled craftsmen use precision tailoring techniques that are normally used to make deluxe suits. All pieces are hand crafted. It takes them 2 full days to make a finished garment. We’re definitely not talking fast fashion. This is quality. Deluxe quality at an affordable price.

Free at Heart luxe leather fashion

We checked out the range on offer and have to admit to being impressed. We also have to admit in full disclosure to making a snap purchase of a soft leather black corset belt. Beautiful, affordable and on trend.

There’s an incredible colour range on offer. Along with perennial timeless black, think metallic silver, bright canary yellow, blood red, midnight blue, magenta, bronze, olive and more.  Easy to wear and versatile, these leather pieces are suitable to wear at almost any time.  We’re talking  about versatility that would take you through weekends or weekdays, office or dinner, drinks and cocktail parties.

Free at Heat luxe leather fashion

Free at Heart’s accessories are already popular. From the corset belt we couldn’t go past, to the out-there Drop Ring Choker, to the incredibly popular black leather beret. The leather beret’s working up a storm in Europe right now and through Free at Heart it’s available here in Australia.

free at Heat luxe leather fashion

Bonus points to Gloria for making Free at Heart’s entire range available for custom making to size and colour with a 12day turn-around.

Fancy one of those hot black leather berets? Now you know how you can get your hands on one, pronto!









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