Multicultural Runway – Telstra Perth Fashion Festival


Celebrating diversity in fashion, the Telstra Perth Fashion Festival hosted a colourful Multicultural Runway featuring African, Indian and Islamic fashion collections.

With models of various shapes, sizes and ethnicities, diversity has never been so out there on the fashion runway at a premier fashion event. Showing just how fashion can unite people, The Language of Fashion: Multicultural Runway brought together a broad collection of interested fashion watchers from all walks of life. With a street style scene as diverse as it was eye catching, Perth city streets have never looked so vibrant. (We’ll be posting on the street style scene a bit later.)

Telstra Perth Fashion Festival Director Mariella Harvey-Hanrahan said  it’s special to “see the way fashion can be used as a communication tool, and this exciting new show is a wonderful example of this.”

“I hope this runway event is the first in a series, with the ultimate goal of bringing together all corners of the community to enjoy wearable works of art on an ongoing basis.”

Multicultural runway at Perth Fashion Festival African fashions in the multicultural runway at Perth Fashion Festival Indian fashions ont he Multicultural Runway at the Perth Fashion festival Modest fashions on display at the Multicultural Runway at the Perth Fashion Festival

Africn Fashion, Multicultural, Runway Perth Fashion Festival

Catherine Baba, Paris-based stylist (L), TPFF Director Mariella Harvey-Hanrahan, (R)

In attendance at The Language of Fashion: Multicultural Runway, Paris-based stylist Catherine Baba (L), Festival Director Mariella Harvey-Hanrahan (R)

Photos: Stefan Gosatti





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