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It’s been famously said that “If you don’t live in Sydney, you’re just camping out.” -Prime Minister Paul Keating

For those who weren’t lucky enough to get to Sydney for 2015’s Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia, we wanted to know how they got their information about it, what they thought, and who were the designers’ shows that made the most impact. Jenna Woods surveyed friends who have a strong interest in fashion, who watched from afar…

The dust only just seems to be resettling after what seemed to be a crazy/hectic/colourful/stylish/on trend Fashion Week in Sydney last week. The Mercedes Benz Fashion Week ran from 12 – 16 April and was held at the uber cool Carriageworks, in the trendy suburb of Eveleigh in Sydney’s inner west. Picture contemporary warehouse space that can be transformed into whatever a visionary designer sees for their collection… With so many people to impress, from the other designers, to the media and press, all the fashion bloggers, stylists, the photographers, the celebs, potential buyers and all of the ‘wannabe fashionistas’ following the coverage at home, the pressure was on…

Luckily, it appears that the whole festival looked to deliver and people are still talking about it more than a week later! But we wanted to stop and ask real people what they thought of the coverage of the festival. So I sat down with a few of my girlfriends and got the down low!

If you are an Instagram user, whether you follow fashion bloggers or the fashion conscious or anyone fashion minded, or not, you were still probably inundated with photos from Fashion Week clogging up your feed (we know we were)! It seemed that Instagram was absolutely the go to for all things Fashion Week, and my girlfriends agree… It was their fav way of keeping in touch with what was happening from the front row and even behind the scenes of the shows. Without actually being there, you get an ‘access all areas’ look at the event from lots of different perspectives. Some from the affectionately named FROW crowd (for those of you playing at home, that’s front row), some from the photographers attending and shooting the style at the event, some from the people who work behind the scenes putting the shows together (i.e. makeup artists, set designers etc.), the list goes on… However, did anyone else find some of the content flooding their Insta feeds to be just a teeny weeny, itsy bit repetitive?  Here are just two pics from what seemed like an endless stream of photos and videos emanating  from Marice Terzini’s offering from Iceberg’s at Bondi…



What about those illusive hashtags? The festival seemed to have a few that were floating around on social media including #MBFWA and #alwaystrending. Well #MBFWA seems to be the obvious one in this picture, but we think (and my girlfriends agree) that the ‘alwaystrending’ hashtag didn’t really seem to do its job. There didn’t seem to be much promotion of the use of that hashtag for the event and so it sort of fell by the wayside…

With Instagram taking the lead, people didn’t seem to bother with blogs, websites or any other social media avenue. I mean, Instagram gives you what you really want to see when it comes to Fashion Week and that is photos of the fashion!

Elleryland...with the Australian Ballet Company

Elleryland – from Ellery’s Instagram post…with the Australian Ballet Company

Enough about how people kept in touch with all the runway, behind the scenes and street fash, what did everyone actually think of the event?!

It seemed that everyone we spoke to picked up on different trends happening at the shows. From Bec and Bridge’s use of the knee high sandals, the choker scarves used by Ellery, the effortless layering that appeared on several runways, to the monochrome (as if that isn’t always totally on trend) used by Manning Cartell and By Johnny, every designer had their own take on the upcoming trends for the season.

It is pretty hard to pick just one ‘wow’ moment from the five days of pure fashion amazingness. The gals we spoke to mentioned a few of the heart stoppers and they included, the comeback of veteran model and total babe, Gemma Ward in the Ellery show, the debut of TOME, CFDA Vogue Fashion Fund alumni from 2013 and absolute rockstars of the design world making it big in the US, at their first Australian Fashion Week and, of course, the epicness that was the emptied pool of Icebergs used as a runway with the breathtaking view of Bondi for the Ten Pieces show (what an absolute masterpiece)! What was your favourite moment from the event?

Two words… Maticevski and Ellery. All bow down. Well it seems, we all did. These two shows were hands down, the most viral on Instagram. Image after image of the amazingness from both standout shows went around and around social media. Deservedly so, the crowned King of Australian couture, Toni Maticevski, showed off his absolutely spot on skill and proved that he is ever pushing the boundaries of the traditional silhouette. Ellery rocked what Ellery rocks. The flare was everywhere and as one happy Ellery fan that we spoke to said, “…her tailored, flowing looks exude effortless power woman.” Amen!! Who was your favourite designer at Fashion Week 2015?





With really, what seemed to be, absolutely, unprecedented around the clock access to this year’s Fashion Week, it is hard not to look at the event as hugely successful. Basically, a few of the at home spectators felt that the designers must have, “banded together and collectively said ‘go big or go home’”. And they certainly did go big! Celebrating 20 years of MBFWA certainly did bring out the big guns and it seemed that everyone loved it! There isn’t much to fault, except maybe unless you asked that guy who crashed the Ellery show to complain about the noise… he might say otherwise!


– Jenna Woods


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