Win a Double Pass – The Commuter


Win a Double Pass to See – The Commuter

Anyone else besotted with Liam Neeson thrillers? Drama, suspense and fine, fine acting! Now here’s your chance to win one of ten double passes to see Neeson’s latest thriller- The Commuter!

In this action-packed, high-concept thriller, Liam Neeson plays Michael, an insurance salesman whose daily commute home quickly becomes anything but routine. After being contacted by a mysterious stranger, Michael is forced to uncover the identity of a hidden passenger on the train before the last stop. As he works against the clock to solve the puzzle, he soon realises he is unwittingly caught up in a criminal conspiracy. One that carries life and death stakes for himself and his fellow passengers.

Thanks once again to Studiocanal, you could win one of ten double passes!  To enter, simply name your favourite Liam Neeson movie and why you like him in it so much!

Competition closes tomorrow night, 17 January 2017, midnight AEST! Winners announced below on 18 January  2018, at the bottom of this post, in the comments section, following your entries!

Can’t wait to hear from you!

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  1. Karen Thompson on

    Schindler’s List a movie that leaves a mark in my memory. Such a emotional ride to watch his character go through such a tumultuous awakening of the horrors of war.

  2. Chris Anderson on

    LIam Neeson has TAKEN my heart as a former government operative desperate to find his daughter in Europe. I was on edge the whole time riding his emotions and struggles because if I lost my daughter, like Liam, I’d do anything to reconnect again and have them back home safe.

  3. Schindlers List for expertly combining tragic drama with epic cinema, expert direction, cinematography and acting, it all makes for a modern masterpiece

  4. Love all the Taken movies..he is just such a natural actor,so down to earth..just like a normal everyday person.In these movies he was so calm and collected even though there was chaos going on.all around him..what a hero.

  5. I love him in Taken every movie he does he is fabulous but Taken always had me on the edge of my seat! He’s such an amazing talent!!!

  6. While i love the taken films it was actually Rob Roy that made me first appreciate Liam Neeson. I always remeber the scene where he grabs the sword with his hand. Legend!

  7. Casey Anderson on

    I love Liam Nession in Unknown, as Martin Harris, his transformation from a mildmannered doctor to a ferocious killer has the greatest amnesiac’s one-liner “I remember how to kill you, asshole.”

  8. Catherine Begetis on

    Taken (The first movie) – Liam Neeson’s dedication to his family to rescue his daughter Kim and her friend. Such a driven and dedicated man!

  9. I was on the edge of my seat all throughout ‘Taken’ he was so great and the person you’d want to help you out against full on baddies! So that would be my choice.
    ( Loved ‘The Grey’ too, amazing landscape, story and acting)

  10. Taken – Liam showed in this movie his love for his daughter, Kim and gone through hell as he was searching for her which was being kidnapped and when he found her the situations were getting worse because he was dealing with an Albanian Sex Trafficking syndicate. I really love this movie because I really longed for my father’s love even just a hug but did not experience one. When he was in a comma overseas I tried my very best to see him alive and give him a hug but when I arrived home he was already inside the coffin and on top of that he died a week before father’s day. Miss my Dad!

  11. My favourite Neeson movie is Batman Begins because it’s a great movie and he makes a great father figure with wise words and confident voice!

  12. Sam Raimi’s Darkman a gritty noirish and utterly convincing superhero he earns maximum kudos for disguising himself as Bruce Campbell in the final scene!

  13. I love Liam Neeson in all of his movies. All of his Taken movies are awesome he is a down to earth actor a pleasure to watch him anytime.

  14. Love actually. As the heart broken dad helping his son pursue love. Great film and their story makes me smile the most

  15. The eponymous hero of the Irish biopic Michael Collins, taking on a few wolves or even Batman is nothing compared to tackling the entire British Empire !

  16. I love Liam Neeson in many movies but Love Actually is one of my favourites where he plays an endearing father trying to help his son out in love!

  17. The Grey – You can’t get more kickass than strapping a load of broken bottles to your hands and then boxing with a wolf, it’s gotta be Ottway as Neeson’s greatest character

  18. Cocktail Revolution on

    Congratulations to our latest winners!
    Charlene Long
    Chris Anderson
    Hannah Baker
    Froy Leano

    Please email your postal address asap to [email protected]

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  19. Cocktail Revolution on

    Congratulations to the next five lucky winners! You too have won a double pass to see this great flick!

    Aurora Banez
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